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Empowering Teams in 2019 & Beyond: Introducing the Knowledge Network
Speaker: Rick Nucci, CEO & Co-founder 
at Guru (see deck)


Catch the Wave: How to Leverage Hidden Learning Momentum
Speaker: Kristen Swanson, former Director of Learning at Slack (see deck)


Bottom-Up or Bust: How Buy-in from the Frontline Unlocks Passion, Purpose & Revenue
Speaker: Wendi Sturgis, Chief Customer Officer at Yext (see deck)


Win the Battle Against Automation: Can AI Empower Us?
Speaker: Jake Saper, Partner at Emergence Capital (see deck)


The Power of Organizational Health
Speaker: Kyle Porter, CEO at SalesLoft


How to Put the Customer at the Center of Everything
Speaker: Kate Leggett, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester - Moderator: Rick Nucci, Co-founder & CEO at Guru (see deck)


Products Don’t Win; People Do
Speaker: Christina Crawford Kosmowski, VP, Global Head of Customer Success & Services at Slack (see deck)


Empower Your Revenue Teams with an Entrepreneurial Mindset
Speaker: Dan Goldsmith, CEO at Instructure (see deck)


Design a Customer-Centric Organization in the Subscription Economy
Speaker: Allison Pickens, Chief Operating Officer at Gainsight (see deck)


Empower Closing Remarks
Speaker: Rick Nucci, CEO & Co-founder at Guru

Fireside Chats + Panels 🔥

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Knowledge is Power...Or is It?
Speaker: Ryan Bonnici, CMO at G2


Support is a Revenue Driver, Not a Cost Center
Speaker: Marcie Murray, Director of Support at Shopify - Moderator: Rick Nucci, Co-founder & CEO at Guru


Customer-facing Team Collaboration: How World Class Product Launches Happen
Speakers: Anne Raimondi, Chief Customer Officer at Guru; Jeremey Donovan, SVP Sales Strategy at SalesLoft; Michael Ross, Sr. Director, Business Operations & Strategy at BuzzFeed - Moderator: Roz Greenfield, Co-founder & Chief Enablement Officer at Level213


Social Media Support at Scale: How Comcast Empowers 400+ Agents
Speaker: Lisa Blackshear, SVP, Communications & Digital Operations at Comcast - Moderator: Chris Anderson, Head of Community at Guru

CX Track 💜

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Building Bridges: Alignment to Unified Knowledge
Speaker: Jason Collette, Senior Director of Field Technical Services at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (see deck)


Listening at Scale: How to Glean Actionable Insights from Support & Success
Speakers: Sarah Sheikh, Head of Customer Success at Front; Shauntle Barley Head of Growth at MaestroQA; Camille E. Acey, Head of Customer Success at Nylas - Moderator: Hillary Curran, Head of CX at Guru (see deck)


The Support Job That Doesn’t Suck: Why Taking Care of Your People is Your Ticket to a World Class Team
Speaker: Margaret Rosas, VP of Customer Care at Looker (see deck)


How Companies Can Facilitate Feedback Loops and Differentiate on Support
Speakers: Caroline Nolan, CX Manager at Brooklinen; Maria Jiang, Director of Marketing at Solvvy - Moderator: Nora West, Product Manager at Guru


The New ROI: How to Use Knowledge to Drive Tool Adoption
Speaker: Eraj Siddiqui, Director, Customer Success Operations at Autodesk (see deck)

Sales Track 💸

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Build & Scale a Revenue-Centric Culture
Speaker: Doug Landis, Growth Partner at Emergence Capital; Kyle Porter, CEO at SalesLoft (see deck)


How Sales Teams Can Keep Pace with Buyer Expectations
Speaker: Astha Malik, VP of Platform and Product Marketing at Zendesk (see deck)


Zero to a Hundred: How Org-wide Enablement Propelled Glint Through their Acquisition
Speaker: Chad Trabucco, Head of Sales Enablement at Glint


Sales: The New Center of Organizational Creativity
Speaker: Matt Wesson, Manager of Sales Content & Communication at Zoom (see deck)


Operationalizing Manager Development: How Sales Enablement Typically Fails Front-line Managers
Speaker: John Ley, Former Head of Sales Enablement at Square (see deck)