Join the cooking challenge from home with Guru!

Ever want to be a contestant on Chopped? If you're up for a challenge, sign up and look out for your box of surprise grocery items! Setup your laptop/iPad in the kitchen, introduce yourself to the group then prepare a dish in 20 minutes and share via Zoom!
Please make sure you can be there as spaces are limited to 15 people per event.
15 minutes: Intros & Rules of the "game"
20 minutes: Cook!
20 minutes: Present the dishes (1 minute each)!
Reserve Your Spot (limited to US & Canada)
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  • Sign up above, then we'll send you a short form so we know of any food restrictions & when/where you can receive your groceries.
  • Prep: You'll receive your groceries a few days before the event, then you can plan! You can fill in the dish with any pantry items/proteins in your kitchen. Read through the FAQ here
  • Cook: You'll have 20 minutes to cook your dish
  • Present: Present what you've made to the group for light judging (there will be prizes!)