Learn From a Guru Pro

In this live group session, prepare to roll out Guru to your colleagues with help of our Product Specialists, who will teach you how to:

  • Structure your content for accessibility
  • Drive early adoption
  • Use analytics to identify successful and struggling users

The tips and guidance will be specific to the primary use case you’re trying to solve:

  •  Improving internal communications: Company-wide information and updates are getting lost in tools like Slack and MS Teams.
  •  Enabling teams with critical product or process information: This information is scattered across different systems, rapidly changing, and often out of date and untrusted once found.
  •  Onboarding new hires more quickly: Your company is looking to standardize your onboarding process, and reinforce training with a safety net once people go live
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Kassidy and Devon had great energy for our session. They expertly guided us through activities and were super clear!
-Guru customer
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