Guide: Importing Content into Guru
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Getting started in Guru couldn't be easier 

Say you’re just getting started with Guru (welcome!), but you have existing company knowledge stored in an alternate wiki. What do you do? Surely you don’t want to start from scratch in building out company information in Guru. You probably also don’t want to go through the painstaking process of moving all that information over to Guru by hand. The good news is you can avoid both of these scenarios by using Guru’s knowledge migration. 

We have two paths for kickstarting your knowledge growth in Guru: importing existing knowledge from an alternate wiki or using our over 200 templates to plug in your company’s information. Guru saves you time when it comes to information creation, storage, and sharing. 

Benefits of importing existing information into Guru:

  • Start using Guru to share knowledge company-wide immediately 
  • Save time when getting started with Guru
  • Smoothly transition from an alternate wiki into Guru

Here’s the guide to support your knowledge creation and sharing in Guru. Choose one of these options (or implement both) to have your Guru instance working to its full potential from day one. 

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