Just F*ing Demo

How Sales Leaders Can Empower Their Teams to Deliver Kickass Product Demos



At a time when modern technologies are more powerful and user-friendly than ever before, many sales professionals still struggle to lead effective product demos. Why?

  • Buyers are more informed than ever, so it's even harder for a sales rep to provide incremental value
  • Audiences not only want to spend time ensuring their needs are heard, but also want to quickly jump in and "see the goods"
  • Products are evolving faster than reps can keep up

In this session, Rob Falcone, Director of Sales Engineering at Guru, will provide a few actionable tactics that sales leaders can use to:
  • Define an effective demo for their organization
  • Empower their teams to deliver them
In 2014, Rob authored Just F*ing Demo! , a short, tactical guide for leading effective demos, which peaked at #1 on Amazon's Sales Presentation bestseller list.

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Rob Falcone
Director of Sales Engineering
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Senior Director, Growth