What Do You Know? The Value of a Knowledge Audit



Originally presented November 13, 2019
Every organization relies on both captured and tacit knowledge to run a business. However, that quality and completeness of that knowledge can look very different from team to team, and from vertical to vertical. So, what’s the best way for you you audit your organization’s knowledge situation — and when’s the best time to start? Do you wait until there’s an obvious problem with your knowledge base? Or you evaluate when things seem calm without knowing what might be uncovered?
Join us for a conversation with Charles Derupe and Joe Hostetler of Square to discover why a knowledge audit is a valuable — and necessary — undertaking.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. The signs indicating you need to initiate a knowledge audit
  2. Where to start and what to look for
  3. What a knowledge audit looks like for teams and organizations of different sizes
  4. How to set your knowledge base up for ongoing success
  5. What the right cadence is for future audits

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Joe Hostetler
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